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The solution available in all transportationThe solution available in all transportation

SMARTRA Brochure (English)

The brochure containing the outline, features, benefits and use of SMARTRA has been released. 

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 The brochure focusing on the use in an airportThe brochure focusing on the use in an airport


Airport SMARTRA Brochure (English)

The brochure focuses on SMARTRA at an airport. 

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スマートラパンフレット (日本語)


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エアポートスマートラ   (日本語)


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FTE Europe 2018

2018/04/30 投稿

     T&TIS will attend Future Travel Experience, held in Dublin on June 6-8th, 2018, as an exhibitor. We will also participate in Start-up Hub Live, held on June 5th at the same venue. In the 4 day exhibition, meeting and networking event, we will introduce a travel time prediction service, SMARTRA, on passengers and baggage.

     The venue is RDS, Dublin, Ireland. For more information, please click below.

 FTE Europe 2018FTE Europe 2018

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017

2017/08/28 投稿

T&TIS participates in TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 held in San Francisco on September 18-20th. T&TIS introduces an accurate travel time prediction system to the Transportation industry in Silicon Valley as one of the innovative providers.

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FTE Global 2017

2017/08/28 投稿

T&TIS comes back to Future Travel Experience Global 2017 held in Las Vegas on September 6-8th. This year T&TIS showcases a pilot program enabling an airport or airlines to easily check a potential risk(s) prior to the full implementation.

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SMARTRA on a JETRO webpage

2017/06/30 投稿

SMARTRA is featured on a JETRO website. You can see a SMARTRA checkpoint at the entrance of a cafe. Combining the checkpoint with other checkpoints such as an e-Gate at a station and a cash register at a convenience store, SMARTRA provides a travel time prediction for a traveler. For more info., please visit

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PitchFestNW 2017

2017/02/03 投稿

We were accepted to attend PitchFestNW,, held in Portland, Oregon, on March 23-24. Through our pitch, we will introduce our innovative technology and business plan to angels, venture capitals and other stakeholders and aim to build better society with them.

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Hands-on support by JETRO

2017/02/03 投稿

We are accepted to participate in a New Grate Export Country Consortium project rum by JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization, one of the Japanese government agencies, and were allowed to get a support by a mentor hired by JETRO. We hope that we will be able to accelerate getting customers in the US by his support.

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Innovation Leaders Summit 2016

2016/09/27 投稿

We are scheduled to participate Innovation Leaders Summit,, held at Tranomon Hills in Tokyo on October 24-25, 2016 by getting a recommendation from JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization. We will meet key persons from global IT companies as well as exhibit SMARTRA to all delegates.

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TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016

2016/08/24 投稿

T&TIS will participate TechCrunch Disrupt SF to exhibit Airport SMARTRA by getting a support from JETRO, an organization supported by the Japanese government. You can easily try Airport SMARTRA there. For more information about TechCrunch Disrupt SF, visit

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FTE Global

2016/07/16 投稿

T&TIS invites you to visit Stand S5 at the Future Travel Experience Global exhibition taking place at Las Vegas.

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SMARTRA Brochure

2016/01/01 投稿

We have disclosed the SMARTRA brochure which plainly explains features, benefits, uses, etc.

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• スマートラ (日本語)

スマートラシステム(日本語版)へは、こちらからアクセスできます。 又、実際にご利用頂けます。 スマートラで使われている技術は、日本及びその他の国々で特許取得されています。

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• SMARTRA (English)

You can access to the English version of the SMARTRA system from here.  You can actually use it as well.  The technology used in SMARTRA is patented in Japan and other countries.

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