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The solution available in all transportationThe solution available in all transportation

SMARTRA Brochure (English)

The brochure containing the outline, features, benefits and use of SMARTRA has been released. 

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 The brochure focusing on the use in an airportThe brochure focusing on the use in an airport


Airport SMARTRA Brochure (English)

The brochure focuses on SMARTRA at an airport. 

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スマートラパンフレット (日本語)


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エアポートスマートラ   (日本語)


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     T&TIS wants a work force who has the ability, ethics and responsibility enough to bear a corporation in the future.  We seek a person who has a passion for changing the common sense, environment and life style in the world by innovation.  The following is an opening.


Occupation: programmer

Number of openings: 1

Experience: programing experience at least 3 years

Education: technical or junior college or higher

Location: headquarters

Condition: applied to internal rules

How to apply: entry by using the inquiry form


     Viewing a long term goal, we evaluate his/her effort, approach, achivement and reward and provide support and education through OJT so that he/she can be an applicant for executives.




• スマートラ (日本語)

スマートラシステム(日本語版)へは、こちらからアクセスできます。 又、実際にご利用頂けます。 スマートラで使われている技術は、日本及びその他の国々で特許取得されています。

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• SMARTRA (English)

You can access to the English version of the SMARTRA system from here.  You can actually use it as well.  The technology used in SMARTRA is patented in Japan and other countries.

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