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The solution available in all transportationThe solution available in all transportation

SMARTRA Brochure (English)

The brochure containing the outline, features, benefits and use of SMARTRA has been released. 

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 The brochure focusing on the use in an airportThe brochure focusing on the use in an airport


Airport SMARTRA Brochure (English)

The brochure focuses on SMARTRA at an airport. 

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スマートラパンフレット (日本語)


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エアポートスマートラ   (日本語)


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Setup, registration, maintenance and upgrade of SMARTRA components


SMARTRA Tag, Rendezvous Display System and E-Gate


Example of Application: 

    • Setting up a checkpoint at all bus stops on a service route
    • Setting up a checkpoint or rendezvous place at main places in a facility such as a bus terminal, station, port and airport.
    • Setting up a checkpoint or rendezvous place at each place in a commercial facility such as a shopping mall, underground shopping arcade, playground, theme park and golf course.



Renting Ad. Space

Types of Advertisements:

    • Time Sale Ad.: it is sent to a target traveler based on a predicted passage time    and place of the traveler.
    • Header Ad.: it is displayed at the top of the SMARTRA website and SMARTA Official Free App.
    • Side Ad.: it is displayed at both sides of the home page of the SMARTRA website.

 Example of Application:

    • Informing an expected traveler in advance who would use time sale information such as on a timely discount ticket for a flight, movie or stadium seat or leisure activity. The facility can decrease vacant seats or rooms, increase a rete of operations, i.e., throughput, and expand revenue.  <best for the business having a large fixed cost>
    • Informing travelers in advance who are expected to pass by a retailer about time sale information such as on seasonal goods, e.g. clothing, old model goods, e.g., out-to-date handbag, and goods with expiration, e.g., food for a clearance sale.   <best for the business having a large storage cost or disposal cost>



Licensing TIS Technology

What the technology is:

The technology about the travel information service based on the prediction of travel time.


Licensing Condition:

It depends on the subject-matter, a kind of business, the scale of a business, the details of a contract, etc.


Example of Application:

    • By informing a recipient of a parcel about a predicted arrival time and current passage situation, the recipient and a courier can meet just in time, so that courier can reduce the number of deliveries to an absent home and increase a flexibility in a delivery schedule by decreasing users who request an delivery time slot.  It contributes to improving a rete of operations, i.e., throughput, and the shortage of truck drivers.  <best for a courier and post office service>




• スマートラ (日本語)

スマートラシステム(日本語版)へは、こちらからアクセスできます。 又、実際にご利用頂けます。 スマートラで使われている技術は、日本及びその他の国々で特許取得されています。

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• SMARTRA (English)

You can access to the English version of the SMARTRA system from here.  You can actually use it as well.  The technology used in SMARTRA is patented in Japan and other countries.

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